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> Silvio Burlesquoni to guest star in Bunga Bunga show with Italy’s famous Flag Sisters!

They’ve been amusing the masses since 1977, and age has not wearied them. They’re Le Sorelle Bandiera (The Flag Sisters) and, yes, they are fabulous. And, yes, they have collectively clocked up over 180 years. But who’s counting? Certainly not Silvio Berlusconi! He put them on his many television variety shows over 30 years ago – and they’re still at it.
Of course, when Silvio was first attracted to the ‘triple treat’ of a brunette, a redhead and a blonde, he hadn’t yet acquired a definitive taste for ‘bunga bunga’. But Dorothy, Petula and Glenda certainly helped him see the light. They could, and still can, ‘bunga bunga’ all night long and still look gorgeous in the morning. As for Silvio, well, he may no longer be Italy’s PM, but he’s still crooning about it all.
Le Sorelle Bandiera are Mauro Bronchi (Dorothy), Neil Hansen (Petula) and Ronnie van den Bergh (Glenda). They delight in the magic of gorgeous hair, fabulous frocks, age-defying creams and great legs!
Are you ready to be bunga-bunga-ed? If so, the ‘Sisters’ would love to hear from you. Please contact their exclusive agent, Mr John Michael Swinbank. They’ll be available for ‘your lens only’ photo calls from the 14th January 2012 and, of course, they just love to be on covers.
John Michael Swinbank
Perth, Western Australia
0414 743 418


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