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> Tangos, tarantellas + twisted tales of romance infused with gypsy airs delight the Fringe World 2012 Festival

!an L!lburne + Cathie Travers





Tangos, tarantellas + twisted tales of romance infused with gypsy airs + dark wit, underpinned by electronic esoterica, distinguished by superb playing.

Cathie Travers’ accordion is the perfect foil for singer-songwriter !an L!lburne’s Spanish guitar.  With Phil Bailey (bass), Peter Smith (percussion) + Pete Grandison (frets), they present an evening of original music―L!lburne’s classically crafted, haunting yet playful songs + Travers’ expressive gypsy + jazz-inspired instrumentals.

Sad songs to make you laugh. Funny songs to make you cry. Evocative melodies to make your soul shiver.

Cathie Travers

Award-winning composer + performer Cathie Travers has spent her life breaking musical boundaries. Her playing ranges from Celtic folk through tango, jazz + experimental chamber music to classical.

As The Sydney Morning Herald put it:

Travers’ music embraces the gamut of hard-edged contemporary pungency to sweetness, nostalgia, and up-beat extrovert wit.

She leads tango, gypsy + fusion ensembles + performs with an array of folk, blues, rock, jazz + new music artists. In demand as a session musician, she has appeared on CD’s by Australian artists such as Bernard Carney, David Hyams, Snakefish + Brenda Chapman.

!an L!lburne

!an L!lburne has a portfolio of more than seventy original songs stretching back thirty-five years. A passionate singer + guitarist, his debut album Ghosts + its companion piece, the EP Against the Odds, were produced by Pete Grandison of Shanghai Twang Studios, Fremantle + launched at Kulcha in South Tce in July 2011. Naturally retiring by nature, L!lburne did not readily move onto the stage, preferring more private domains to hone his songwriting skills while pursuing a successful career in arts management, production + promotion. From 1986 to 1993 he was the Executive Officer + inaugural Director of Perth’s Artrage Festival.

The show runs for 120 minutes plus intervals.

Tickets online from :  $25 (full), $20 (groups of six)

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