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If you love Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, or are a fan of Thailand’s cabaret scene, then this debut show from a brand new Perth company will be right up your alley, taking you behind the curtain into the world of DRAG, July 5 – 23 as part of The Blue Room Theatre’s Up Close Season.

Told predominantly through song, DRAG is an emotive story, full of energy, which unmasks the artist behind the drag persona. The cast will be out to astound you with their female impersonations and tributes to some of the greatest divas of all time, while revealing more of the emotional spectrum than you would have thought possible in one short hour.

Producer/performer Ryan Schulz (aka Panache) explains: ”The idea you have of a drag queen may be a bloke dressed in a frock who lip syncs to the campest music out. However, this show will take you behind that bloke, into his realm, and show you someone else, something else, something more So expect more than Britney’s latest track plonked on stage”.

If you are yet to experience the artform of drag live, this show will provide an introduction as it allows you to glimpse the lives of the artists who inhabit the late night boozy cabaret and club scenes. If you’re a visitor to such places yourself, you’ll feel right at home being up close to DRAG’s colourful characters.

“For people outside the GLBTQ community this is a chance to find out what drag is all about while having a great night out, or expand what you might think of a drag queen as,” said Schulz. “DRAG has also been created for people who do go to gay clubs to admire drag shows, who’d rather not be jostled by sweaty, drunk people.

With John Aitken as narrator, DRAG will take shape as a series of performances by local artists alongside Melbourne’s Swish Eveready and Ash Baroque from London, whose workshopping with the cast has guided the show from concept to world premiere production.

All tickets through the Blue Room on 9227 7005 and

All media enquiries to JMS Public Relations 0414 743 418

5 – 23 July
7pm Tue – Sat @ The Blue Room Theatre
53 James St, Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge
Meet the Artists Wednesday 13 July
Bookings / info: / 08 9227 7005


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